Introduction to the Research Links

The PubMed thyroid cancer research links below will bring you the most recent research articles present in the PubMed databases for the subject heading. Subscribing to our monthly newsletter will unlock the content on the page.

When you click on a subject heading you perform a new search on PubMed Search. Therefore, if any new research was published since the last time you clicked on the link you will see it on the first page. Also, the searches here show research from the last five years based on the Date of Publication.

Adjusting Your Search Order and Results

Change the order of the results shown for each search on PubMed by using the drop down lists titled Format and Sort By just above the heading Search Results. Additionally, to the right of each page you will see Titles with your Search Terms. This box lists any research using the words selected in the search.

Review the free PubMed literature to understand their search engine and tailor your own searches on topics of more specific interest to you. The Hacker’s Hundred provides PubMed links assisting you in creating your own more personalized searches. In addition, for information on how patients may use PubMed in their war on cancer review the blog category Findings. Finally, this website does not offer tailored PubMed searches for the visitors of this free website.

Disclaimer (see Website Use Agreement for further details)

This website and its owner assumes no liability for the accuracy of the searches below or their results. Therefore, the searches below are free and on an “as-is” basis. PubMed now has over 24 million published articles in their databases and reached by their search engines. The National Library of Medicine maintains these databases and the search engines that interact with them, not this website.  Time constraints prevent this website from monitoring the performance of the search links. When issues arise in the search results using the links below, use the Contact form in the menu bar to notify us.


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